Our services

Fully in line with the EuroStart Consulting' s business scope, to work constructively, both in Greece and in Europe, during these challenging times, which are related to the societal evolution in the developed, open economies, we are aiming at bringing up sustainable solutions in terms of human and social capital development for the societies in the 21st century. And in this respect, we are being engaged in offering consulting as well as programme planning and implementation and assessment services in the areas of

  • Education, training and lifelong learning - innovation, validation and capacity building in education, VET and lifelong learning systems -
  • Employment and social inclusion - boosting employment to address unemployment while facilitating growth -
  • Consulting for governance capacity building in other public policy areas, health and social care and the environment, and in the area of
  • Support to evidence-based policy making across the board, both at the national and the European level

In close collaboration with public policy bodies, institutions and collective agencies and the industry and private sector.