About us

The EuroStart Consulting is being launched in order to take stock upon the European legacy in the field of know-how and consulting for evidence-based policy making, especially in the fields of human resource development and the building of human and social capital, by bringing together a network of affiliated international experts and making efficient use of their extended work and consolidated know-how.

We are effectively deploying the capacity of a pool of intercultural and sophisticated human capital, in order to support institutions and policy makers and the industry as well to address the challenges of smart and inclusive growth in Greece and the rest of Europe and across the world. Our affiliated experts are carrying the legacy of the long-standing experience from the study and innovation work with an extended network of European bodies and agencies, from the education, the research and the learning and social innovation, including also the industry and the private economy, in the common effort of meeting the afore-mentioned challenges of the 21st century societies, from the climate change to the global mobility of capital and work and to the effective governance and the civil society, covering all levels of intervention, from the grass-root to the policy-making one.

The company EuroStart Consulting is based in the region of Athens, becoming active all across Europe, while supporting the agenda of the significant structural reforms related to the education and training, the labour market and other human resource intensive policy fields, together with the effective deployment of the Resilience and Recovery Funds and of the Structural Funds. We are committed to take advantage of the already forty-year "good practice" in terms of the governance of human capital development policy and practice in Europe, by becoming capable of building a collective know-how and deploying it, in order to facilitate and provide those much-needed innovative solutions.